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Since its foundation, GOIALDE PRECISION has been providing high precision services for its products.


The basis for the success of GOIALDE PRECISION is its qualified and involved staff and its production means. We have a 1000 m2 fully air-conditioned plant and the most suitable machinery to meet the requirements of our customers. DIXI and HAUSER boring machines, together with the most precise tooling and control means, make it possible for GOIALDE PRECISION to be at the forefront of high precision machining.




        Skilled and involved staff


        The best means of production


        The most suitable machinery





                  Air-conditioned plant

                    3 x Dixi Jig Centers

                 4 x Hauser     2 x CMM



What are we doing? Machine tools

Automatic head body 60 kg

Automatic head body 60 kg

15 kg support
Torreta porta-herramientas punzonadora ø 1000 mm

Punching machine tool turret ø 1000 mm
Acoplamiento cabezal automático 200 kg

Automatic head coupling 200 kg

Aluminium Electrospindle head body
Cuerpo principal porta herramientas 30 kg

Main body tool holder 30 kg
Cuerpo principal trípode en aluminio

Tripod aluminium main body
Carro vertical 1200 kg

Vertical slide 1200 kg

High precision die-cuttingCuerpo para cabezal automático 70 kg

Body for automatic head 70 kg
Utillaje de verificación

Verification tools
Utillaje de verificación-2

Verification tools
Utillaje de mecanizado

Machining tools
Utillaje de mecanizado-2




Die base for high precision
Troquel de alta precisión

High precision die-cutting

High precision die-cutting
Troquel de alta precisión-2

High precision die-cutting
Utillaje de amarre hidráulico

Hydraulic clamping tooling for 5-axis centre
Utillaje de amarre hidráulico-6

6-position hydraulic clamping fixture
Utillaje de amarre hidráulico-2

4-position hydraulic clamping tooling
Utillaje de amarre hidráulico con doble posicionamiento

Hydraulic clamping fixture with double positioning
Utillaje de amarre hidráulico con doble posicionamiento-2

Hydraulic clamping fixture with double positioning
Utillaje de amarre hidráulico multi operaciones

Multi-operation hydraulic clamping tooling

Tooling for manufacture and control

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