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The appearance of sharp edges can cause serious problems in the operation of their components (especially in the hydraulic sector). Thereby, the deburring task is crucial and it requires a lot of experience in order to guarantee the complete elimination of burrs produced during machining.

To achieve this, Goialde uses different technologies such as Thermal Deburring or Mechanical Deburring.

Thermal Deburring: When the pieces are introduced in a chamber with CH4, a controlled explosion is made. Therefore, the possible burrs are completely removed.

Mechanical Deburring: The use of brushes and other types of tools eliminates these burrs. This process can be manual or can be made in the CNC. In any case, a subsequent visual inspection (flashlight and endoscope) is required to guarantee its elimination.

All the years spent in the hydraulic sector has made Goialde proficient in this process.